Duet Yo m'enamori

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Sylvie COHEN Pianiste

Sylvie Cohen was born in Constantine in 1955, where the musical life was closely and intensely related to festivals. In the oral tradition, the music expresses in a highly sensitive way, through inflections and words, a unique mosaic of human feelings.

After her arrival in France, Sylvie Cohen started playing the piano as an autodidact. She then studied jazz music and took orchestration and harmony courses. She creates various artistic groups, among which a duet for two pianos and percussions, where composition and improvisation are both of equal importance. She also performs with singers, in terms of creation and dialogue.

She plays with Jean-Marc Zelwer's Kumpania in a musical theater show inspired by tzigan culture.

As a music teacher with children, she put on two musical shows with a trio in a poetico-musical context.

In the duet with François Cotinaud, a particular attraction for Hispano-Jewish melodies has inspired rhythmic, melodic and harmonic researches.

Jean-Marc Zelwer (compositions, accordeon, clarinet, santur, nickelharpa)
Francesca Lattuada (voice)
Dimitri Artemenko (violin)
Michel Feugère (trumpet)
Sylvie Cohen, Olivier Messager (piano)
Sylvie Jérusalem (tuba, euphonium)
Jean-François Ott (cello, stroviol)
Pierre Rigopoulos (percussions)

3. Daïssa 1998-2003
Le Chant du Monde

Yo m enamori
François Cotinaud (tenor and soprano saxophone)
Sylvie Cohen (piano)
2. Yo M'enamori (cd) 1999
14 mélodies judéo-espagnoles
Ref : Musivi MJB 008 CD 

"The melodies stand by themselves and offer centuries of wisdom wrapped in bittersweet lyricism."
Steven Loewy

Meilleure vente du label Musivi !
Musicoliers Sylvie Cohen (piano, voice, artistic direction)
Pierre Bénichou (guitar, charango)
Xavier Boëda (trumpet, percussion, accordeon, voice)
Michel Brière (guitar, voice)
Catherine Carrot (voice)
Brigitte Chiarovano (voice, guitar)
Roland Molinier (doublebass, voice)
1. Tagada soins soins (cd) 2000
Musique avec les enfants hospitalisés et les éducatrices de l'Hôpital Debré.
Producted by Les Musicoliers.
CD not to sale.


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