Biography / Discography
(ph. Luc Greliche)

tenor & soprano saxophones, clarinet, composer, soundpainter


(from a François Cotinaud's poem, intitled "text'up". Animation by the author)

François Cotinaud was born in Morocco in 1956. In his childhood, he was bathed in music, dance, poetry and painting. Being particularly keen on jazz music, he explored the worlds of be-bop and free jazz music. He also went in a lot for improvisation in France.

François Cotinaud studied piano (1964-1971), drums (1967-1972), and later, he studied saxophone (mostly tenor and soprano) and clarinet.
He studied improvisation with Alan Silva, Jo Maka, Jimmy Lyons, Cecil Taylor, Archie Shepp, Steve Lacy, Lee Konitz, Paul Motian, Joe Lovano, Kenny Wheeler, Steve Coleman, Joëlle Léandre, Bojan Z or Garrett List.

He taught in
I.A.C.P.(Institut Art Culture Perception), in Paris, from 1977 to 1986. This school was built by Alan Silva, around the concept of 'Musical perception', and gathered a lot of musicians such as Itaru Oki, Denis Colin, Didier Petit, Bruno Girard, Pascal Bréchet, or crossed the way of Bill Dixon, Alex Von Schlippenbach, Bernard Vitet, Charles Tyler, Sun Ra, Cecil Taylor and so on.
F.Cotinaud taught there musical improvisation and perception, saxophone contemporary approaches, and became General Director of this music school from february 82 to march 85.
He is involved in pedagogy through many workshops and master classes, 
teaching improvisation and Soundpainting to students and music teachers.

Teaching Soundpainting
François Cotinaud learned Soundpainting with Walter Thompson, François Jeanneau.
He jointed the SPOUMJ of François Jeanneau in 2006, and founded in 2010 the KLANGFARBEN ENSEMBLE (2 actors, 2 dancers, 9 musicians).
2009-2010 – Residence one year in the conservatory of Alfortville.
2011 – Workshop to the conservatory of Troyes.
2012-2013 – Residence
one year in the conservatory of Saint-Dizier.
2013 – First DVD recording of Soundpainting in France, with Klangfarben : « Monologue de Schönberg / Variations sur une collection de timbres ».
2013 – Workshop to the Maison des Pratiques Amateures, conferences (médiathèques).
2013-2014 –
Residence one year with the Spoumj in Seine Saint-Denis.
2014 – Actors class of Alain Gintzburger in conservatory of centre (Paris).
Workshop to the Pratiques Amateures. Class CHAM in Lycée Brassens (Paris 19ème). Conferences (Sorbonne nouvelle).
2014-2015 –
Residence one year with Sylvie Cohen to the conservatory of Noisy-le-Sec.
2015 – Workshop in Corbigny (Nevers) with Reso. Class APAC Paris 19ème. 
Actors class of Alain Gintzburger in conservatory of centre (Paris). Workshop in Sibelius-Academy (Helsinki). Soundpainting class in Mozart conservatory (Paris).
2016 - Residence in Chelles with Klangfarben.
Concert at Philharmonie of Paris with  ensemble intercontemporain, shortly directed by him, around a program of François Rossé. Think Tank in Milan. Workshop in Quiberon. Workshop in Villers-Cotteret (with Philippe Laugier). Soundpainting class in Mozart conservatory (Paris).
2017 - Soundpainting class in Mozart conservatory (Paris). Recording project with Multilaterale ensemble and Benjamin de la Fuente.
2018 -
Soundpainting class in Mozart conservatory (Paris). Workshop in Beauvais, le Pré Saint-Gervais. Think Tank in Valencia (Spain).

In 2013 and 2014, he became the artistic director of the « SOUNDPAINTING FESTIVAL »,
first worldwide festival of Soundpainting, in France.

Composer, musician
At that time, he founded Texture ensemble (1977-1987), with Denis Colin (bass clarinet).
He did many concerts with Texture, wtih Alan Silva's Celestrial Orchestra, and also with Beñiat Achiary, Serge Adam, Gaël Ascal, Daniel Beaussier, Pascal Bréchet, Marc Buronfosse, Kent Carter, Denis Charolles, Bruno Chevillon, François Choiselat, Andrew Crocker, Geoffroy De Masure, Manuel Denizet, Sophia Domancich, Guillaume Dommartin, Pierre Durand, Gildas Etevenard, Emek Evci, Glenn Ferris, Bobby Few, Pascal Gallois, Alain Grange, Eric Groleau, Barry Guy, Chris Hayward, Denis Van Hecke, Carole Hémard, Chris Henderson, Steve Lacy, Daunik Lazro, Joëlle Léandre, Michel Maurer, François Mechali, François Merville, Youval Micenmacher, Jouk Minor, François Nicolas, M'ra Oma Brotherwood, Fred Pallem, Evan Parker, Barre Phillips, Jean-Luc Ponthieux, Hasse Poulsen, Sun Ra, Enrico Rava, Françoise Rivalland, Yves Robert, Henri Roger, Philippe Seignez, Philippe Sellam, Olivier Sens, Walter Thompson, Charles Tyler, François Verly, Agnès Vesterman, Luis Vina, Carlos Zingaro, Mike Zwerin.

In 1985, he created a quartet with the incredible drummer Ramon Lopez, Heriberto Paredes and Thierry Colson, and later with Gilles Coronado on guitar.
His CD " Loco solo " (1998) inspired by Luciano Berio shows his taste for contemporary music mingled with improvised and subversive musical language.
He plays also in Left trio with Joelle Leandre and François Merville, and is involved in Haliple group of François Choiselat, with Olivier Sens and Deborah Walker.
Then he joined Detours (François Choiselat, Carlos Zingaro, Denis Charolles).

Judish-spanish music
Yo m'enamori " displays his fascination for Eastern music and also his Mediterranean sensitivity through the prism of a contemporary second reading freed from the tradition, together with pianist Sylvie Cohen.

Musical theater
 In 1999, he jointed the Alka collectif, for which he wrote 'Son Fabrique et Voix', a musical version of the poetic world of french writers Velter, Pagnier, and Bartelt.
Doing so, he get back to poetry and words's games, creating a new version of "François Cotinaud fait son Raymond Queneau" in 2001, then "Parade sauvage" (around Rimbaud) in 2004, founding the Text'Up ensemble (with singer Pascale Labbé, François Choiselat (tb), Jérôme Lefebvre (g) et Sylvain Lemêtre (perc).
He played with the percussionist Pierre Charpy, with electro-acoustic systems, around some texts of Arthur Rimbaud ("Rimbaud et M.A.O.").
En 2007, he founds a new duet around poetry, intitled Poetica Vivace ! (with celloist Deborah Walker) and Air Lunch (Valentine Quintin, Philippe Lemoine).

Composer, musician

cotinaud_soundpainter François Cotinaud (ph.Hélène Collon)

In 2013, he have founded Algèbre (Pierre Durand, Daniel Beaussier), who invite Bruno Chevillon, François Merville and Denis Charolles.
In 2015, concerts and recording with Luxus ensemble (Pascale Labbé, François Cotinaud, Jérôme Lefebvre).
Klangfarben is the main ensemble that he leads.

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21. Night Access

Sergio Castrillon cello
François Cotinaud tenor saxophone, clarinet

17 pieces
20. Mosaïques
Musivi MJB 022 CD
Distributed by Musea

The wide-open work !

François Cotinaud, Soundpainting, compositions
Benjamin de la Fuente, compositions

Ensemble Multilatérale
Samuel Bricault flute
Diane Chirat-Battello oboe
Bogdan Sydorenko clarinet
Raphaël Duchateau trumpet
Mathieu Adam trombone
Hélène Colombotti percussions
Aurélie Saraf harp
Lise Baudouin piano
Pieter Jansen violin
Pablo Tognan cello

Luxus ensemble

Pascale Labbé voice, compositions
François Cotinaud tenor saxophone, clarinet, compositions
Jérôme Lefebvre guitar, compositions
19. L'Orphée de Rilke
Musivi MJB 20 CD
Distributed by Musea


18. Topologie d'un manège
Musivi MJB 019 CD
Distributed by Musea

François Cotinaud tenor saxophone, clarinet, compositions
Daniel Beaussier alto saxophone, bass clarinet, oboe, english horn
Pierre Durand guitar

Guests :
Bruno Chevillon doublebasse
François Merville drums
Denis Charolles drums


17. No Meat Inside

"No Meat Inside" was created from a meeting in La Gaude Festival, near Nice, in 2012.

Henri Roger (piano), Barre Phillips (doublebasse), Emmanuelle Somer (oboe and saxophone melodie) et François Cotinaud (tenor saxophone, clarinet) on the label Facing You / IMR
Variations sur une collection de timbres
Monologue de Schönberg


16. klangfarben ensemble  2012
Label Ayler Records
référence : AYLCD/DVD-001 (Musivi MJB 017-18 CD-DVD)

François Cotinaud soundpainter, compositions

Valentine Quintin voice
Françoise Purnode acting (+ Maxime Nourissat acting)
Julie Salgues, Marie-Laure Caradec, Delphine Bachacou dance
Deborah Walker cello
Yves Robert trombone
Andrew Crocker trumpet, cornet
Luis Vina tenor saxophone, bass clarinet
Emmanuelle Somer oboe, english horn, bass clarinet
Florent Thiant accordeon
François Choiselat vibraphon
Philippe Cornus  percussions

CD 64' + DVD 30' (documentary film by Patrick Morel)
Art design Stéphane Berland.

distributed by Ayler records

Rimbaud et son double

Rimbaud double


François Cotinaud (saxophone (tenor, soprano), clarinet, voice, composer)
Pierre Charpy (percussions, electroacoustics)

Ensemble Text'up
Pascale Labbé (voice)
François Cotinaud (soprano and tenor saxophones, clarinet, compositions, voice)
François Choiselat (trombone)
Jérôme Lefebvre (guitar)
Sylvain Lemêtre (percussions)

+ DVD (reali. Mathilde Morières)

14-15. RIMBAUD ET SON DOUBLE (2cd+DVD) 2006
Ref : Musivi MJB 012-13-14 CD

Ensemble Text'up
Pascale Labbé (voice)
François Cotinaud (soprano and tenor saxophones, clarinet, compositions, voice)
François Choiselat (trombone)
Jérôme Lefebvre (guitar)
Sylvain Lemêtre (percussions)
Serge Adam (trumpet) guest soloist
13. TEXT-UP "François Cotinaud fait son Raymond Queneau"  2002
Ref : Musivi MJB 010 CD

yo m enamori François Cotinaud (soprano and tenor saxophones)
Sylvie Cohen (piano)

12. Yo M'enamori (cd) 1999
14 mélodies judéo-espagnoles
Ref  : Musivi MJB 008 CD Mélodie

"The melodies stand by themselves and offer centuries of wisdom wrapped in bittersweet lyricism."
Steven Loewy

Loco loco

François Cotinaud (soprano and tenor saxophones, composition, voice)

11. Loco Solo (cd) 1998
Improvisations around Sequenza IX of Luciano Berio.
Solo, texts by R.Queneau, C.Baudelaire, F.Cotinaud.
Ref : Musivi MJB 006 CD

Pablo Nemirovsky (bandonéon, flute, compositions)
François Cotinaud (soprano and tenor saxophones)
S. Gruz (p)
R. Molinier (b)
S. Maitra (perc)
10. Calcuttango (cd) 1994
Tierra del Fuego
Ref  : Musivi MJB 005 CD/ Tangram 852 005 Orkhestra International

Ramón López (drums)
François Cotinaud (soprano and tenor saxophones)
9. Opéra (cd) 1993
Duo improvisé
Ref  : Musivi MJB 004 CD

François Cotinaud (soprano and tenor saxophones)
Glenn Ferris (tb)
Enrico Rava (tp)
Heri Paredes (p)
Thierry Colson (b)
Ramón López (dm)

8. Pyramides (cd) 1992
Ref  : Musivi MJB 003 CD

François Cotinaud (soprano and tenor saxophones)
Heri Paredes (p)
Thierry Colson (b)
Ramón López (dm)
7. Princesse (cd) 1990
Ref  : Musivi MJB 002 CD

pierre  Youen Le Berre (fl) Jacques Zanettacci (htb, fh) Nano Peylet (cl)
Denis Colin (cl, bcl) François Creamer (bcl) Bertrand Auger (cbcl)
Simon Spang-Hanssen (st, ss) 
François Cotinaud (soprano and tenor saxophones) Philippe Sellam (sa) Carl Schlosser (sb) Jean-Pierre Chaty (bs)
Michel Barré, Bernard Della Nave, Howard Hyde, Michel Toreilles (tp) Philippe Lapeyre, Stefan Legée (tb) Denis Davazoglou (tbb) Florent Barrois, Jean-Michel Tavernier (cor) Gabriel Capet, Philippe Legris (tuba)
Michel Risse, Louis Moutin (dm) Pierre Marcault (perc) Vincent Limouzin (vib) François Moutin (b) Vincent Le Masne (syn) Jean-Michel Bernard (p) Laurent Petitgirard (dir)
Luc Le Masne (dir, compositions)
6. Le Cercle de Pierres (cd) 1986
Ref  : Ménélas 002 CD


5. Polygames (33t) 1983
label IACP
François Cotinaud (tenor saxophone)
Denis Colin (bcl)
Michel Coffi (dm)
Bruno Girard (vl)
Pierre Jacquet (b)
Itaru Oki (tp, bugle)

F.Cotinaud en 1982 (Photo Alain Dagbert/Viva)
Pierre Faure, Carl Schlosser, Aldridge Hansberry (fl) Catherine Carrot (acl) Jean Querlier (htb) Denis Colin (bcl)
Pascal Morrow, Bruno Girard (vl) Didier Petit (vcl)
Jeff Beer, Serge Adam, Bernard Vitet, Itaru Oki (tp, bugle) Michael Zwerin, Doménico Criseo (tb)
Georges Gaumont, 
François Cotinaud, Arthur Doyle (st) Philippe Sellam, Sébastien Franck (as) Henri Grinberg (ss)
Antoine Mizrahi, François Leymarie, Rosine Feferman (b) Francis Gorgé (g) Adrien Bitan, Jacques Marugg (vib) Bernard Drouillet, Ron Pittner, Gilles Premel (dm)
François Cotinaud (arrangements)
Alan Silva (dir. compositions)
3 & 4. Desert Mirage (33t) 1982
label IACP

François Cotinaud (tenor saxophone)
Denis Colin (bcl)
Michel Coffi (dm)
Bruno Girard (vl)
Pierre Jacquet (b)
Itaru Oki (tp, bugle)
2. Texture sextet (33t) 1981
label IACP


Pierre Faure (fl) Georges Menousek (as) Georges Gaumont (st) Jo Maka (ss, as) Luc Le Masne (bs)
Denis Colin (bcl, octcl, arrangements) Jouk Minor (bs, cbcl)
Jacques Dolias, Catherine Lienhardt, Bruno Girard (vl) Hélène bass (vcl)
Robert Garrison, Pierre Sauvageot, Bernard Vitet, Itaru Oki (tp, bugle) Adolf Winkler, Michael Zwerin (tb) Pierre Jacquet (b)
Armand Assouline, Michel Coffi, Muhammad Ali (dm)

François Cotinaud (tenor saxophone, arrangements)
Alan Silva (direction, compositions)

1. Portrait for a small woman (33t) 1978
Célestrial Communication Orchestra
label Sun Records

Actuality musiciens
Label Musivi Press Contacts Scores Expo Pedagogy